IP Management / Consulting

Optimize your IP portfolio


Help in your innovation process 

tools / Resources

Provide resources and tools adapted to your needs

IP Education

Make your teams aware of the best reflexes

About us


Tailored IP Management

TIPM is the acronym for Tailored Intellectual Property Management. Our goal is to adapt your IP (patent, trademark, model, copyright,…) to your needs!

TIPM was founded to help innovative companies (Start-up, SME,…) manage their intellectual property (IP) with a focus on cost and efficiency.

With more than 16 years of expertise in invention and IP management, we support you in your various projects in order to adapt your IP to your needs and your strategy, whether in the automotive, aeronautical, medical or other fields.

Our goals

Free up your time

Manage & optimize your IP portfolio

Control your IP costs

Manage your innovative ideas


Optimize your IP

IP Creation

Build your IP portfolio

IP Audit

Identify strengths and weaknesses

IP department

Build your own IP department

IP strategy

Maximize business opportunities and mitigate risks

IP Evaluation

Assess your IP porfolio

IP due diligence

In case of sale, purchase or license IP

IP Budget

Budget and monitor your IP cost

Provider coordination

Coordinating your different IP service providers (Patent attorney, TM attorney, Translator, Patent illustrator,…)

TIPM™ provides an experienced IP manager to optimize your IP portfolio. Several time packages are available to provide systemic management of your IP. Contact us for more information: contact@tipm.ch


Support for your innovation


Organization of creativity sessions

Idea management

Record, process and manage your innovative idea

Idea evaluation

Free or not, patentable or not?

Open innovation

Define the best deal for your collaborative innovations

Tools & Ressources

Provide resources and tools adapted to your needs


Find and track competitors’ patents

IP Manager

Ensure the availability of a part time IP expert working with your teams

INvention disclosure form

Record your ideas

Patent FORM

Help in writing the patent specification


Manage, monitor and report on your IP with adapted KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

IP committee

Build and report to your committee

IP maintenance fees

Provide key information for making decisions on maintenance fees

IP internal communication

Ensure the IP communication to your teams

* TIPM™ is the exclusive distributor in France and French-speaking Switzerland of Tegnosis™, a web based tool developed by Scambia Patent Service (www.scambia.ch)

IP education

The Secret of Success

IP game

A game to learn about IP

IP awareness

Make your teams aware of the best reflexes


They have confidence in us:

contact information

TIPM – Vaud

Chemin du Courtillet 12
1275 Chéserex
+41 21 561 33 33

TIPM – Geneva

Campus Biotech Innovation Park
Avenue de Sécheron 15
1202 Genève
+41 78 265 56 17

TIPM – France

74 160 Archamps
+33 6 63 01 53 86